Player Ratings: Spain 3-0 Russia

Ewan Macdonald rates the individual performers on show after Spain thrashed Russia 3-0 in the second Euro 2008 semi-final...

Akinfeev - 6
Badly isolated for both goals, so he cannot fully be blamed, although he also looked shaky from long-range efforts, few of which he held.

Zhirkov - 5 Spain battled down his flank from the very beginning, and while he looked the part going forward he was poor at the back.

Ignashevich - 6 Wise to Torres' trickery from the outset and was the most comfortable-looking at the back in the first half. Let himself down for the opener.

Berezutski - 5 Started badly but after Villa went off he was obviously more confident. Dealt well with Torres, but he and his partner were found wanting as Spain put three past.

Anyukov - 5.5 Largely anonymous and Russia's much-vaunted flank attacks largely took place without his influence.

Semak - 6.5 He had the toughest of tasks as the attacking midfielders hit stride but didn't let it rattle him. He can be pleased with his evening's work overall.

Zyryanov - 6 Slow start, but in the second half he relished the space through the middle and on the left, especially on the break. Naturally, then, he faded once Spain scored, and mediocrity ensued.

Semshov - 4.5 Hesitant on the ball - the exact opposite of his domestic form - and not the calming influence that he should have been. Quite rightly hooked for Bilyaletdinov early in the second half as he was contributing nothing.

Saenko - 6 His main contribution was to get involved in a bit of 'handbags' with Marchena in the first period. Not one to remember for him.  Taken off for Sychev.

Arshavin - 4
Showed flashes of brilliance at the start but these died out as he conspicuously failed to make his mark on the game even when afforded time and space by Senna. An awful cross in the 79th minute summed up his evening: even when he deigned to touch the ball he did nothing with it.

Pavlyuchenko - 6.5
Got into great positions, and outmuscled Marchena well, but found his finishes wanting. Could do little without service.


Sychev - 6 Not the easiest of tasks for him. A respectable performance.

Bilyaletdinov - 6
Bumbling and inefficient until he found his feet. His introduction, though, was probably still an improvement on Senchov, and he seemed to know it as he iimproved when most others were flailing.


Casillas - 7 He had little to do and, believe it not, seemed a little nervous at times. Nonetheless he grew comfortable in the captaincy, and although it was 87 minutes before he was really tested he was standing ready.

Sergio Ramos - 6.5
A good start - certainly he looked more solid than in previous games - although his rash nature showed at times. His attacking play was not restricted to the flanks, but he was too greedy in shooting when a cross would have been better.

Marchena - 5.5 Pavlyuchenko gave him a world of pain early on, and he was prone to barging into people as the game wore on. A genuine fighter, but sometimes that's not enough. Had Russia tested him more he may have crumbled.

Puyol - 7.5 Covered more defensive ground than in previous games, backing up Sergio Ramos well. A battler of quality, and didn't waste possession with aimless punts. Much-improved.

Capdevila - 6 Decent, but no better. He may feel that he could have contributed more. Still, he was probably informed that he was to hang back, which he did.

Iniesta - 7.5 Good movement but no end product in the first period, but what a wonderful little jink-and-cross to set up Xavi for the opener early in the second... assuming it actually was a cross! Took his defensive duties seriously after Spain gained the lead.

Senna - 6.5 A surprisingly shaky performance from the veteran at times, although at times it was clear why he's invaluable to Villarreal. Just when he seemed to be in trouble he'd recover with effortless positional sense.

Xavi - 8 A positive start from Xavi, who positioned himself well. This was only to continue as he bossed the second half and also managed a confident, deft finish for the opener. Removed for Xabi Alonso.

Silva - 8 Worked hard all across the middle of the pitch: "winger" does not describe his job description at all. Some good passing for the most part although the occasional midjudgement might have cost his side. Lovely chip-and-shot for the third.

Torres - 7 Did not enjoy the service that he'd normally have wanted, although at no time did he show frustration. A luckless game for Torres but he has nothing to be ashamed of. Drifted out wide well.

Villa - 7 Started well and tested Akinfeev with a snapshot. Left the pitch in tears 33 minutes in due to injury.


Cesc - 9 He was thrown into the game far earlier than he would have expected, but depsite this - and his being put in a strange position - he was excellent. Once the other substitutions were made he was given a more free role, and flourished once more - two assists are testament to that. Masterful.

Xabi Alonso - 6.5 Made no errors and protected the back line - you can't say fairer than that for a player whose days of starting for Spain are probably at an end for now.

Güiza - 7 The Jerez-born frontman has shown a lack of confidence before in his few appearances in a Spain shirt, but there was none of that for his goal. Timed his run perfectly and the finish was neat. Should have scored again but couldn't repeat his feat.

Ewan Macdonald,