Terim Not Looking For A Miracle

Turkey coach Fatih Terim has shrugged off the notion his side have made the Euro 2008 semi-finals due to a series of miracles a they gear up to face Germany this evening...
Turkey have staged three comebacks on the trot to keep themselves alive in the competition, coming from 1-0 down against co-hosts Switzerland in torrential conditions, then coming from 2-0 down in the group decider against the Czech Republic to win 3-2 in the last 15 minutes, then in the quarterfinal, having conceded the first goal of the game on 118 minutes, they managed to smash home an equaliser and win on penalties.

Understandably, there has been talk of fate and miracles as there was when Greece won the tournament four years ago, but Terim insists his side have simply been committed to their cause and earned their results.

"As far as I know there are three results you can get: win, lose or draw. There is no result called a miracle in football," said the coach.

"Einstein said there are two ways to live – one is to believe everything is a miracle and live your life that way, the second is to believe nothing is a miracle. I belong to the second group.

"We've worked hard to put together a team who work a lot and believe in themselves. Everyone enjoys watching us – we send a message about life as well as football."

Turkey face an injury crisis, as well as having four players out suspended, and in a worse case scenario he will have just 13 outfield players from which to select his first 11, meaning he will not even have the option of a third substitute.

Terim has, however, repeated the words of one of his available players, Colin Kazim-Richards, who maintained yesterday that any of the 12 eliminated sides would give everything to be in Turkey's shoes, irrespective of the injury crisis.

"If you asked the eliminated coaches if they would be in my place with the injured and suspended players, or watching the semi-final from home, I suppose they would still like to be here," reasoned the former Fiorentina boss.

"We have courage and believe in our chances. We respect Germany but we are not afraid of them, just as we've not been afraid of any other opponent."

The coach also praised the hunger within his young side: "Before coming here, I was asked if experience was important or hunger for success and I said hunger was important.

"They are young but hungry and this is what the team is benefiting from. I have been using Kazım since the beginning of the tournament and he is of a nature where he can control his excitement, and tomorrow we can make use of those players.

"They are young but I do not consider it a disadvantage as the dynamism you get from them is just as important and can benefit the team."

Chet Winter, Goal.com