Euro 2020 will be regionally focused, says Zwanziger

The 67-year-old insists supporters have not been forgotten about, amid fears the tournament will be spread across unreasonably large distances of the continent
Uefa executive committee member Theo Zwanziger expects Euro 2020 to be based in specific regions of Europe, ahead of the first details being disclosed about the competition.

The 67-year-old's comments come on the back of Uefa's decision to base the tournament throughout the whole of Europe and not solely in a host country, with many supporters concerned about the distance required to travel to each game.

"I think there will be a regional focus," Zwanziger told Sport Bild.

"That could be northern or southern Europe. One has to think about the fans aswell."

Zwanziger is also under the impression the competition will not stretch as widely across the continent as first feared, disregarding the possibility that matches could occur in both Lisbon and Moscow, due to logistical problems.

Due to Germany's central position in Europe, Zwanziger is hoping his nation has a very good chance of playing a key part in the next European Championship.

"We're in the middle of Europe that's an advantage."