Player Ratings: Brazil 2-0 Italy

Manchester City will have seen two of their number excel on a night that Brazil recorded a fine win over Italy. Elano and Robinho were to the fore; rates the participants...

Julio Cesar 8.0
Forced into action on more than one occasion and impressed with a range of stops.

Maicon 7.5
Defensive question-marks will linger after his part in Grosso's early chance but proved again that going forward, no right-back in the world is his equal.

Marcelo 8.0
More even-handed in his duties than Maicon; his attacking sorties were matched by a solid defensive display. Looks infinitely more at ease in yellow than Blanco.

Juan 7.5
Solid, no nonsense defending. Good usage of the ball. Looked justifiably jaded as the game ebbed out.

Lucio 8.0
Led the charge forward in characteristic fashion for the second goal and was a tireless energy in his defensive duties. Made vital blocks and won his challenges. Good show.

Felipe Melo 8.0
Had an unexpectedly easy debut; had the space to use the ball, feeding it to his more accomplished frontmen. Rarely had to press the Italian midfield, but was swift in the execution of challenges and led breaks with gusto.

Gilberto 8.0
Much like Melo, had a quiet night. His positional awareness meant he swept up the majority of Italian threats.

Elano 8.5
Why buy Kaka when Elano can do this? His approach play, positivity and indeed, finishing skills will have given Mark Hughes food for thought.

Ronaldinho 8.5
A different 'Dinho, and one with a point to prove. Matched his marquee skills with some determined roving in midfield. A consistent 90 minutes that proved his best days are not beyond him.

Robinho 9.0
Enjoyed himself. The busy frontman gave Zambrotta more than he cared to deal with and the World Cup winner could not hang with the former Santos man. A standout tonight, his goal is among the best seen at the Emirates.

Adriano 7.0
Used more as an axis for the attack, rather than the spearhead of it. Laid off well and showed good movement, but his best work was selflessly done far from goal.


Dani Alves 7.0
Charged around like a man on a mission; threw himself into challenges and demanded possession right on the right.

Pato 6.0
Had limited involvement, all with his back to goal.

Thiago Silva 6.0
Just a run-out for the new Milan defender. He will have enjoyed it.

Josue n/a

Julio Baptista n/a


Buffon 6.0
A long way off his own high standards; looked uneasy on crossed and spilled some dead balls. The more games Gigi plays the better for Italy and Juventus.

Zambrotta 4.5
Booked in frustration at his own ineptitude tonight. Could barely catch Robinho's shadow and endured a thoroughly uncomfortable evening.

Grosso 8.0
The best-in-show for the Azzurri; solid at the back and also willing and able to contribute to attacks. Good movement and accurate passing.

Cannavaro 5.5
Unsure of his marking positions in the first-half, when he looked a little off the pace. Second half was more to his liking when the Azzurri weighed in with the heavy stuff.

Legrottaglie 6.0
A committed display buy below the technical standard required. Took some dubious positions as the Brazil attacks approached but let no one down with his determination for the cause.

Montolivo 6.5
An uneventful display. Passed well and tried to tackle the balls he saw. Replaced and was no real loss. There is work to be done for his potential to reveal international ability.

Pirlo 4.0
Horror show. Unrecognisable from his usual unflappable self. Gave the ball away in vital areas continually and was profligate in the pass during a disastrous first half in particular.

De Rossi 7.5
Along with Grosso, can hold his head high. Tried to fight against the tide during the first half, in which he was the only fully functioning component of the Italy midfield. Shot and tackled well and showed energy lacking in his colleagues.

Pepe 4.0
Anonymous aside from one header. Hauled off at half time after a worryingly under-par display. A long way off international standard.

Di  Natale 5.0
Showed nothing of his club class, even with a potential loose link in Maicon facing him. Rarely passed his full-back and disappeared after some early neat work.

Gilardino 4.5
Contributed little or nothing. Blows too hot and cold to be considered a dependable member of La Nazionale.


Perrotta 5.5
His cynicism prevented Melo from marching towards a third goal; for this he deserves commendation. Aside from that, he added perhaps a degree more in midfield than Pirlo.

Toni 7.0
Showed indefatigable fight; a willing runner, even if his technique is sorely lacking. Made the right movement and was ultimately unlucky not to register a strike.

Camoranesi 6.0
Saw more action than Pepe and gave Italy a semblance of a right-wing option.

Rossi 7.0
Sprightly and lively; he looked Italy's most likely outlet after the break.

Aquilani 6.0
Involved himself in the midfield quagmire.

Dossena n/a

Peter Staunton,