Lippi: Brazil And Italy Have Changed Over Time

Italy coach Marcello Lippi believes that the Nazionale and Selecao have adapted to more modern playing styles...
The Italian national team arrived in London on Monday, as they prepare for their prestigious friendly against Brazil at the Emirates in London.

The match is between the two most successful football teams in the world, as Brazil have five World Cups while Italy have four and Italian national team coach Marcello Lippi is eagerly anticipating the upcoming clash.

"There will be 65,000 spectators at the stadium to motivate the players; it will be a real football match," said the former Juventus coach at press conference.

"I won't compare this to the friendly against Holland [in my first tenure as Italy coach], because we were already achieved qualification for the World Cup and it was a year-and-a-half into our project. This time, it has only been six months and to play a great game and get a good result could give us a huge injection of confidence.

"It is the derby of the world? I like that definition," he claimed.

Both coaches have come under some scrutiny since taking over as many performances from their squads have been below par.

"Countries always maintain their traditions and will always have a certain mentality. However, we can take the example of Brazil that is different from the 1982 side who played completely in attack, perhaps because more players are from Europe now," explained the 2006 World Cup winner.

"Italy, by contrast, is no longer that of years ago, they play a little more organized and unscrupulous, while still maintaining their traditions and characteristics."

Lippi is attempting to gain the all-time record by going 32 matches unbeaten with Italy, when they play Brazil on Tuesday at 20:30 CET.

Adam Scime,