It's a pain in the balls to face Suarez, admits Alves

The Barcelona striker scored on his return for Uruguay from a nine-match suspension to secure a 2-2 draw against Brazil
Dani Alves admits “it’s a pain in the balls” to play against Luis Suarez following Brazil’s 2-2 draw with Uruguay.

Suarez scored on his return from a nine-game suspension to secure a point for Uruguay in World Cup 2018 qualifying, and Alves admits it’s difficult to play against his Barcelona team-mate.

“It’s very difficult to play against Suarez. It’s a pain in the balls. He is always cooking up something, lurking for that one small chance,” said Alves.

“[At Barcelona] Suarez gets more of the ball than he does with Uruguay.

“We knew that Uruguay’s plan was to make it very difficult for us by sitting behind the ball.”

Alves also admits it’s difficult to replicate their performances for Barcelona for the Brazil side.

"Here with Brazil, Neymar and I have different team-mates, with a different view and a different philosophy,” he said.

“It's very different. If someone wants to see Barcelona, they will have to travel to Spain.

"We are always frustrated when we don't manage to win. That always happens, no matter the place, the stadium.

"We are always trying to fight, to get the best results. But I think that if we struggle for stability, things will get complicated and more difficult."