The Goal Line: Your daily dose of Euro 2012

Layla Anna-Lee brings you the latest from Poland and Ukraine, as we look ahead to the first of the semi-finals, as Portugal take on Spain

The semi-finals are here, and so is The Goal Line. What a day!

So ... Portugal take on Spain this evening, in what is being dubbed 'Ronaldo Day', but let's face it, those Spaniards aren't half bad are they? We're certainly looking forward to this one at Towers.

Meanwhile, James Goldman is our man in the know, and he offers us his insight ahead of the game.

Last but not least, everyone's favourite fowl, Kev, our psychic Chicken from Kiev, is unleashed from his Euro coop once more to predict tonight’s game. He scored three out of four in the quarter-final stage ... clucking marvelous.

This is the Goal Line, this is Watch and enjoy!