Guus Hiddink: South Korea must learn from 2002 successes

The Dutchman reflected on the Taeguk Warriors' run to the World Cup semifinals ahead of the 10-year anniversary game where he will lead a 2002 side against current All Stars
Former Taeguk Warriors coach Guus Hiddink says it is important that South Korean football remembers the lessons of their successful run to the semifinals at the 2002 Fifa World Cup.

Hiddink, who guided South Korea at the event it co-hosted with Japan, is back in Seoul for a 10-year anniversary match where he will lead a 2002 side against a group of 2012 K-League All Stars.

Speaking ahead of Thursday's game in the capital, the Dutchman told reporters South Korean football came a long way in 2002, having never previously won a World Cup match, which has subsequently seen expectations become arguably inflated for the current team.

“It was a hard time in the beginning and we should remember that as well," Hiddink said.

"Now we’re having a great moment, but I think it’s even more important to learn from how you can take a good approach to such a big tournament.”

As for reflecting on 2002's achievements, he added: "It is good to live - not for too long, but for a few hours - in the past and think of how beautiful it was.

"But we also know that we had a very difficult approach at that time to the World Cup."

The current South Korea side begun final round 2014 World Cup qualifying with back-to-back victories in June.

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