South Korea coach Choi Kang-Hee delighted with Kim Bo-Kyung's impact

The young Cerezo Osaka attacker bagged a brace against Lebanon and the Taeguk Warriors boss continued to praise him after comparing him to Park Ji-Sung
South Korea boss Choi Kang-Hee has praised Kim Bo-Kyung after he netted a double which guided the Taeguk Warriors to a 3-0 victory over Lebanon in their 2014 World Cup qualifier in Goyang on Tuesday.

The Cerezo Osaka man scored on 31 and 47 minutes to give Korea a two-goal lead, before substitute Koo Ja-Cheol added a third late on.

Choi praised Kim in the lead-up to the game after his two assists in the 4-1 victory away to Qatar, comparing him to Park Ji-Sung and after offering him a roaming role against the Cedars, had more positive words for him.

"Kim Bo-Kyong originally plays on the right at his club. He said he can fit in any position behind the striker. So I was looking foward to his play today," Choi told reporters after the game.

"I put Lee Keun-Ho in the middle since I thought Lebanon will try to defend with many bodies in the box. So I asked him to try to dodge in between the defenders.

"During the first half it didn't go our way but on the second half it worked quite well."

Choi was also delighted with how his line-up's transition continues to progress, as they made it six points from two games in final round qualifying.

"We had difficult two matches but our players did their job well. Now we are trying to form a new team and we all know how important these qualifiers are," he said.

"So the atmosphere was great in the team and this is the reason why we got maximum points."

However he added: "We still have to improve. From Spain to Lebanon I discovered a lot of our weaknesses. If the players playing in Europe can get used to the players in K-league our team will get much stronger."

Meanwhile the result left Lebanon with just one point from three games and Lebanon boss Theo Bucker admitted they were well beaten on Tuesday.

"Korea deserved to win. Eventually our tactics failed today, and we showed only 50 per cent of our quality compared to that match when we won against Korea," he said.

"We cannot compare Korea and Lebanon directly. Korea is a much stronger team. We are saddened by the defeat today. We had to substitute three players due to injury and since we have a lack of depth, had a hard time playing the game.

"We already reach the final round of qualification but its hard to achieve further results. Of course it is difficult for us to beat Korea."