Park Ji-Sung admits Park Chu-Young's South Korea absence is disappointing

The Manchester United midfielder has backed Taeguk Warriors boss Choi Kang-Hee's decision to leave out the Arsenal striker but says the situation is a shame
Manchester United's South Korean superstar Park Ji-Sung admits Park Chu-Young's absence from the national team squad is a disappointment but has backed Choi Kang-Hee's decision.

The Arsenal striker was left out of their squad, announced on Thursday, with national team boss Choi stating the player's military service issue was the reason behind the decision.

The former South Korea captain had deferred his customary military service, after obtaining a 10-year Monaco residency permit.

The move split opinions in South Korea, with many upset over the decision and Choi had hoped the player would clear the air with a press conference, however it never happened.

United veteran Park weighed into the debate when he spoke with reporters upon his return to his homeland late this week.

"It's disappointing, but as the manager has his reasons, it eventually all comes down to the player to dispel the controversy," Park Ji-Sung said.

South Korea are due to face Spain in a friendly on May 30, before World Cup qualifiers against Qatar and Lebanon in June.

Park is set to head to Thailand next week for the second Asian Dream Cup for his charity foundation.

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