Neymar: Brazil are here to win, not entertain

The 22-year-old insists his team can't win every game 5-0 and says the players have to make results a priority over dazzling and thrilling performances

Brazil star Neymar says his team have to be effective and not care about playing entertaining football if they want to win the World Cup.

Despite the Selecao remaining favourites to win the competition and having progressed to the quarter-finals, they have failed to impress so far in the tournament.

Neymar, though, says the priority is to win games instead of dazzling with flashy performances, insisting the best way to get to the final is through being effective.

"You can't always enjoy yourself and win 4-0 or 5-0," he said. "Football nowadays is so difficult, so even, that the team who is most committed on the pitch ends up winning.

"I don't want a show. That's the last thing we are trying to do. We are not necessarily here to produce a spectacle. We are here to run to the end, until we are tired, and come out as winners.

"I would be happy to do nothing in this game if Brazil won 1-0. That would be marvellous."

Luiz Felipe Scolari has experimented briefly during the tournament and Neymar insists he will be able to play in any system the coach employs.

"I can fit into any formation. We have an excellent coach whose job it is to decide how the team will play. With or without a centre-forward, we have to play football."