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How David Luiz’s hair fuels his success

How David Luiz’s hair fuels his success


The Brazilian defender's locks could give him the upper hand over opponents, according to sports hydration experts Gatorade

Team-mates may describe his curly hairstyle as "ridiculous", but David Luiz might actually be a cut above the rest precisely because of his trademark locks.

Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) consultant Orlando Laitano has highlighted research which suggests the Brazil defender’s hair plays a part in fuelling his unreal success.

Luiz - who is joining Paris Saint-Germain from Chelsea - has forged a reputation as one of the top defenders in the world and has also been the subject of scientific assessment.

“There is a study showing that when you have a bald head, you are actually more exposed to heat stress than when you have hair," said GSSI’s Laitano.

"David Luiz is more protected from heat stress because of the amount of hair that he has. As long as he does not cut his hair, I think he can have an advantage over other people."

Luiz and his hair have been on show during the World Cup in Brazil where team-mates have been providing style counsel.

Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar said: "He thinks he looks good with that hair, I think it looks ridiculous."

Brazil midfielder Paulinho said: "His hair is really weird but, if he likes it, what can I do? It's taste right? I can't argue about taste!"

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