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Not one Asian nation has picked up a win in the World Cup so far, but that could all change on Sunday as the Reds look to take a big step towards the last-16

Only a victory will do for South Korea against Algeria as they continue their push for a World Cup Group H qualification, according to coach Hong Myung-Bo.

The Asian side drew with Russia in their first game, but are confident of going one better in Porto Alegre, with Myung-Bo also acknowledging the Africans can't be allowed to play their natural game.

Today's training session will be decisive on the deciding who'll be in the starting XI, as the Korean boss is still undecided on his starting XI.

"We haven’t decided on the players yet," said Myung-Bo on press conference. "We feel the next match is of extreme importance. Let’s take a look at all the players and then decide.

"I saw the Algeria match [against Belgium]. I think they played quite defensively, maybe they were a little afraid, but I don't think they'll play like that against us."

"What I can say is that we are going to play for the win. We need the points to advance, so that's how we're going for the match."

Myung-Bo also wants a win to improve the Asian teams' performance on the tournament, as none of the AFC nations have managed to secure a win so far.

"I think we should wait a little, and be patient," he stressed. "Historically, Asian teams haven't had a very good World Cup record, but I hope Asian football will try to go on and keep progressing in that sense."

After scoring a somewhat lucky goal against the Russians on an Igor Akinfeev mistake, the Korea coach trusts his attacking players will show composure and seize every opportunity that shows itself against Algeria.

"In order to win, we have to score, that’s the most important. I’m sure there will be opportunities, and taking those chances, that’ll be the key to win."