Chile fans storm Maracana media centre

Hundreds of fans charged into the press area in chaotic scenes ahead of their side's match against Spain - a major security breach
By Paul Macdonald at the Maracana

Hundreds of Chile fans stormed through a barrier and into the media centre less than an hour before their nation's World Cup match against Spain at the Maracana.

The security zone, where journalists are granted entry to the stadium, was breached and a swathe of supporters smashed the door leading into the media reception before rampaging through a back corridor, attempting to gain access.

From there, the security guards attempted to contain them, but the ensuing crush led to a temporary wall being pulled to the ground.

The security guards then began dragging the Chile fans back through the entrance and into the hands of the waiting police.

The incident brought police, fire brigade and army to the front of the building, and as a result thousands of fans were left waiting in queues stretching all the way back to Maracana train station.

The events are likely to call into question Brazil's overall organisation around the tournament once again, after a number of Argentina fans were able to gain access to Sunday's match against Bosnia & Herzegovina without tickets.