Hodgson: Of course England can win World Cup

After naming his 23-man panel on Monday, the Three Lions boss admitted that like every other coach he believes he has the players capable of going all the way
England manager Roy Hodgson believes his squad have what it takes to win the World Cup after naming a youthful squad for the tournament in Brazil.

Despite admitting that every coach heading to South America will be confident in the players they have selected, the former Liverpool boss feels that if his side peform to their capabilities they have as good a chance of victory as anyone.

"I believe the squad can win the World Cup, otherwise what's the point of taking a squad to the World Cup if you don't have some belief they can win it," Hodgson told reporters.

"But they’re empty words. I’ve never quite understood the importance people attach to them.

"I'm certain [Luis Felipe] Scolari is saying Brazil are going to win it. I'm certain the Uruguayan coach is saying they're going to win it. I'm certin the Argentine and the German ones are too. Why should we say otherwise?

"If we’re going to win we’ll have to play very well. If we're going to win it, we're going to have to prepare very well. And if we're going to win it, this talented group of players are going to have to show their talent. Otherwise all the words, belief and optimism count for nothing.

"I think we're right to have some degree of optimism and I think we're right to work on the basis that there is a mood of positivity in the country. We're going to try and feed off that and get our energy from that.

"We're going to make certain that we do nothing to let people down. Whether it will take us to a World Cup final, who knows, but you have to do your best."

Hodgson has named a number of young players in his 23-man squad, with the likes of Luke Shaw (18), Raheem Sterling (19) and Ross Barkley (20) will all be on the plane after some fine performances in the Premier League.

And the Three Lions boss admitted that those players would be going for more than just tournament experience and would be in with a chance of selection in the starting line-up.

"They’ve imposed themselves upon me. I never set out to take them. They’ve played so well and been so effective in their club teams that they’ve imposed themselves and their ability on my thinking.

"I'm sure in October if I'd had to have pick my squad after the qualifiers it would have looked somewhat different, but a lot of water has gone under the bridge between then and now.

"You can’t ignore what people are doing on a week-to-week basis for their club sides. You don’t pick football teams on anything other than what’s happening at any particular time. Your decision is to pick the best man to do the job.

"I must emphasise that they are there because they deserve there. I’m not taking anyone for the experience."