Brazil fans mustn't boo players - Pele

The Selecao legend says the country's internal problems must not be taken out on the squad during this summer's World Cup

Pele has pleaded with Brazil fans not to boo the national side at the World Cup and says the country must remain united in the face of their current problems.

The build-up to the tournament has been marred by grand scale demonstrations in protest at the money being spent on hosting the competition despite pressing political and economic issues.

Pele came under-fire recently for criticising the protests at last summer's Confederations Cup but insists he is merely aiming to ensure the nation is fully behind the Brazil squad.

He told CNN: "we accept of course we want the best for our country in terms of schools and hospitals -- but the players have nothing to do with this or political corruption.

"So it's wrong to boo the players like happened in the Confederations Cup, I repeat again they have nothing to do with corruption and the other problems.

"We need to separate these things because the players always show off the best side of Brazil, let's support them -- because this is a good moment for us."

The 73-year-old then gave his thoughts on Neymar's decision to join Barcelona from Santos nearly a year ago.

He added: "A lot of Brazilians were annoyed when Santos sold him to Barcelona. But for Neymar it was fantastic as he gets more experience at the highest level and this will help the national team."