Webb regrets 2010 World Cup final errors

The official was at the centre of the action as Spain and Netherlands battled in a physical final four years ago, which he wishes had not been the case
English referee Howard Webb has admitted that there are "one or two" decisions he wishes he had made differently in the World Cup 2010 final.

Spain beat Netherlands 1-0 after extra-time, with Andres Iniesta's effort late on the only goal of the game which was dominated by high-profile officiating decisions as 14 yellow cards were dished out over the 120 minutes.

John Heitinga was red carded not long before the Spaniards took the lead and Nigel de Jong's karate kick on Xabi Alonso's chest was perceived by many to be a definite sending off, but the Dutchman got away with just a booking.

The resident Premier League referee, who will return to the World Cup stage in Brazil this summer, lamented how the game had revolved around his choices at times rather than the football but was not self-critical about how he dealt with the situation.

"Maybe one or two [decisions I would change]," Webb told Fifa.com. "But at the time you have to make decisions according to the information you have and the position you’re in.

"It was a very tough game and you learn from experiences like that. I would have preferred for us not to be so involved in the match.

"We always want people to talk about how great the game was and the goals that were scored, but that was a very tight, intense game.

"You have to deal with what’s in front of you and do what you think is best with the right intentions. That’s what we did."