Romario: Fifa the real president of Brazil

The former Selecao striker feels that the cost of staging the World Cup is astronomical and that the governing body is leaving everyone else to foot the bill
Brazil legend Romario has claimed that Fifa is running the country ahead of next summer's World Cup.

The current Confederations Cup has been hit by protests across the nation, with the public unhappy at the cost of staging the event.

And the former striker believes that football's governing body is exerting too much influence on his homeland.

"They are taking the piss out of us with our money, the public's money," he said in a YouTube video.

"The money that has been spent on the Mane Garrincha stadium could have been used to build 150,000 housing units.

"But no, we spend it on a stadium. Is it nice? Yes. Is it practical? Not at all. Fifa is the real president of this country.

"Fifa comes to our country and imposes a state within a state. It's not going to pay taxes, it's going to come, install a circus without paying anything and take everything with it."