Thiago Silva wants to win Champions League & World Cup double in 2014

The defender admits he feels the pressure in his role as captain at domestic and international level but is aiming high for next year
Thiago Silva is dreaming of winning the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain and the World Cup with Brazil in what would be an unbelievable 2014.

The centre-back is on the brink of winning the Ligue 1 title with the capital club and is already turning his ambitions towards even greater success in the season to follow.

Silva admits being captain of PSG and Brazil is a daunting task which requires extreme focus but that will not stop him aiming to win an incredible double next year.

“The pressure is very big here in PSG’s new project and in Brazil as well, since we have a new manager who has just arrived,” he said in an interview with CNN.

“Pressure exists in every corner, the key is to be ready and know how to deal with it.

“Our success at PSG doesn’t surprise me because this project is being very well executed with a lot of great professionals behind it, like Leonardo, the chairman and the manager as well.

“Of course there is always some doubt if you are able to achieve success in your first year or later on, like Chelsea. They were able to win the Champions League and that is our dream as well.

“Winning the World Cup is what we have to do with Brazil. Every day that is what is in my head. The Brazilian press doesn’t allow us to forget the World Cup in 1950, when we lost the final in a full Maracana.

“So that idea gets stuck in your head. It is not going to be an easy task, but we are on the right track.”

Luiz Felipe Scolari, a World Cup winner back in 2002, has returned to manage Brazil and the PSG star has given the national team coach his backing.

“What I like about Scolari is his personality,” said Silva.

“He is a firm guy in his words – if you are not playing well, you’ll be benched, but if you are benched and training well, then you will get your opportunity. So he is a very open person and I hope we can have success together at the World Cup.”

As well as with Silva in defence, star forward Neymar will be critical to Brazil’s hopes of achieving success in their home World Cup.

The former AC Milan defender believes the Santos forward is dealt with too harshly in some quarters and urged critics to lay off him in the year left between now and the tournament.

Silva added: “Our biggest star nowadays is Neymar and I think people need to show a bit more respect for him. He is a great guy with a very pure heart.

“People sometimes make things up and people and criticise him unjustly. I would like to ask for people to have a bit more patience with him because if he doesn’t have the support, he can suffer a lot from that.”