Schweinsteiger left stunned after Germany throw away four-goal lead

The midfielder says he cannot comprehend how his side managed to squander a seemingly unassailable lead in Tuesday's Group C clash against Sweden in Berlin
Bastian Schweinsteiger was left stunned after Germany failed to defeat Sweden in their World Cup qualifying match on Tuesday, despite leading 4-0 with half an hour to go.

The Nationalelf had held a seemingly unassailable lead after a Miroslav Klose double and further strikes from Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil.

But Sweden star Zlatan Ibrahimovic then scored to spark an unbelievable comeback which was completed by Rasmus Elm.

"I do not understand it. Nowadays it is already not [good] enough when two or three players do not run enough," the Bayern Munich player told ARD.

"But with us, everybody was one step behind. And so you concede four goals against Sweden.

"Never in a lifetime could we not have won this match. I do not remember this ever happening to us.

"I honestly do not care [what the media and public will say now]."

Like his team-mate, Toni Kroos was also at a loss to explain what had happened.

"This is hard to explain to be honest, said the 22-year-old. "Anything can happen, when everything seems to be over.

"Sweden fought for every metre and we were not able to get back on track. Everything [seemed to be] working for us.

"We played beautiful football and scored brilliant goals. Then you start to think that everything will take care of itself. That is the mistake.

"We should have followed through until the end. This should not happen to a team like ours."