Romario blasts Fifa's Jerome Valcke over World Cup 2014 criticisms

The former striker was incensed by the football governing body official's blunt description of Brazilian preparations, while conceding that work was running behind schedule
Romario and Aldo Rebelo have both hit out at Jerome Valcke after the Fifa secretary general expressed his concerns at the lack of progress in Brazil's preparations for the 2014 World Cup.

Valcke, who will visit Brazil next week, stated that not a lot is moving in terms of stadums being built and also said Brazil need a "kick up the backside" as they continue improving their infrastructure for the showpiece event.

However, through his official Twitter account, Romario responded to the Swiss Fifa representative's claims and while he agreed Brazil are late in their planning, he found Valcke's comments offensive.

"When Valcke used the expression 'kick up the backside', I considered this misplaced and rude. But he is 100% right that Brazil is late. I still claim that Fifa are not above the sovereignty of Brazil and I will continue to fighting for the sovereignty of our country," he tweeted.

Rebelo, who is the nation's sport minister, went a step further by stating the Brazilian government will ask Fifa to remove Valcke from working with them in their planning of the World Cup.

"In light of these statements, which are inadequate and unacceptable for any type of relationship, the Brazilian government is going to send a letter to Blatter telling him it no longer accepts secretary general Valcke as an interlocutor," Rebelo told reporters.

The World Cup will be the first held in Brazil since 1950, which was won by Uruguay.