A great winner, and a great character: Pep Guardiola turns 45

From his first steps as a youngster in Barcelona to lifting titles with the German giants, the trainer has had a success-laden life in football and should do so for years to come
Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has achieved so much already in his career, that it is difficult to believe that he turned 45 on Monday. 

But believe me, as the Catalan idol might say, there is still a lot more to come from the intense, eccentric and brilliant trainer - including a possible move to the Premier League as soon as the coming summer. 

From his beginnings as a wiry 13-year-old making his way in Barcelona's youth ranks, to his stellar career under Johan Cruyff at the club and right up to a truckload of trophies with Bayern, success has followed Pep right from the start.

But he is no monotonous drone bent on winning. His unusual approach to football and teasing relationship with the press make him one of the game's most delighful characters.

In honour of his birthday, Goal has prepared a short tribute to the Barcelona legend, and who knows, this time next year he might well be blowing out his candles in England!