Tottenham manager Villas-Boas sees 'no problem' with 'Yid' chant

Clarke Carlisle has led calls for the offensive term to be banned but the Portuguese boss agrees with Prime Minister David Cameron that it should not be an issue
Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas says that he has "no problem" with his club's fans using the word "Yid" on match days.

PFA chairman Clarke Carlisle has called for an end to its use, stating that it is an offensive term towards Jewish people, while the Football Association issued a statement urging Spurs supporters not to sing it ahead of last Saturday's home match against Norwich City.

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The fans used the term in their chants regardless and Villas-Boas supports their right to do so. "I think our fans sing it with pride, it is something that they defend. It is not sung with offence," he told reporters.

"I see no problem with it. The problem is finding out what is seen as an offence. That is why the FA has come out and made a statement, so hopefully this won't become a debate that leads nowhere."

Spurs fans argue that the "Yid Army" chant is an attempt to reclaim the term, which has been used to insult them for years, while Prime Minister David Cameron suggested recently that they should not be punished for singing it.

Villas-Boas welcomed Cameron's input, remarking: "He can get involved anywhere, he is the Prime Minister. I think his intervention was probably what Spurs fans would want to hear. It was straightforward in what he came out with and it was clear."