Martino: I will bring my own style & ideas to Barca

The new Barca coach has vowed to play attacking football with the Catalans and is delighted to have been given the chance to prove himself in Europe
Gerardo Martino has insisted that he will be looking to instil his own football philosophy and ideas at Barcelona following his appointment as the club's new head coach.

The 50-year-old was named this week as the successor to Tito Vilanova, who was forced to step down due to health issues, and he's determined to let Barca play attacking and attractive football.

"I want to find a style the players are comfortable with and also add my own personal touches, to introduce a few ideas of my own and make the team more complete," Martino stated at a press conference.

"My Paraguay team was nothing like the team we had at Newell's Old Boys [in terms of playing style]. I try to adapt to the qualities of the teams I am coaching and that is something I will look to do at Barcelona.

"There are excellent footballers here, if we can return to the great ideas that Barcelona has had [in recent years], we will have a very competitive team.

"The pressing that has been such a feature of this team is something I want us to get back. I want Barcelona to be a team that is comfortable in attack and that plays high up the pitch."

The Argentine then went on to express his gratitude to Barca for giving him the chance to prove himself in Europe.

"I'm very happy, very grateful for the attention and the confidence [placed in me] at this club, with such great tradition and history.

"Even if you are extremely ambitious, it is hard to imagine being at a club like this. A year ago, I wouldn't have imagined it but now I am here and I am very grateful for that."

Martino also had words of encouragement for Vilanova and wished his predecessor all the best as he continues his fight against cancer.

"Sadly, we know that I have arrived here due to an unfortunate situation, so I would like to take the opportunity to send a big hug to Tito.

"We have spoken and he [Tito] welcomed me, wished me luck. I am grateful to him. I want to send him a lot of strength. I don't know him personally but we know what he is going through and we wish him all the best."