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Two excellent pieces of skills from Brazil.

We have two superb pieces of skill from Brazil to present to you.

On Sunday night Santos beat Sao Paulo 2-0 in the Campeonato Paulista, and in one incident summed up the disappointing result for the visitors. Sao Paulo's Rodrigo Souto was made to look a right chump by opponent Felipe Anderson as he was not only caught out in possession, but he was then turned into the fool by a lovely piece of skill from the Santos midfielder.

Watch Felipe Anderson own Rodrigo Souto twice below:

Moving on, as world football awaits Ronaldinho's debut for Flamengo -  predicted to be on Wednesday evening against Novo Iguacu in the Rio State Championship, the bucked-tooth wonder has again shown his entertainment worth in a new viral video showing off the Brazilian's skills.

Yet another classic Ronaldinho skills video can be seen here.