VIDEO: The Puskas Award: Hamit Altintop Scored The Best Goal Of 2010

The Turk beat off strong competition from Matty Brurrows and Lionel Messi among others.

Along with all their other awards presented this evening by FIFA, the Puskas Award for the best goal of 2010 was won by Hamit Altintop for Turkey against Kazakhstan.

According to FIFA over one million fans from around the globe voted on only the second ever Puskas Award.

Altintop described the goal: "It was our first match in EURO qualifying. We were very well prepared as a team, despite the fact that we were playing on artificial turf, which we were not used to. We were determined to get off to a good start in qualifying and it was a real relief when I scored our second goal.

"Emre sent over a really good corner, and I decided straight away to have a go. In situations like these you shouldn't really weigh up the pros and cons – you should just try your luck. Having said that, the goal came about thanks to a good build-up beforehand."

FIFA surprised Altintop by having the award presented by Andrei Sidelnikov, who the Bayern Munich midfielder scored the goal against.

Footage of Altintop receiving the award is on the video below.

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