VIDEO: Macchambes Younga-Mouhani Snaps Matias Concha's Leg (Union Berlin - Bochum)

Those of a squeamish disposition need to look away now.

Monday night in Germany saw Bochum win 1-0 at Union Berlin in the second tier. But the victory was marred by a horrific leg break to the visitors' Matias Concha, who had his leg snapped by Macchambes Younga-Mouhani in a shocking incident.

Just after the half-time break the pair challenged for a loose ball near the halfway line. Concha's approach was to hit the deck and slide for the ball while Younga-Mouhani opted for the high road as he stayed upright on his feet.

Sadly for Younga-Mouhani though, his attempted tackle was awfully mistimed. Rather than coming down on the ball, the Berlin number eight stomped down on Concha's leg and, like stomping on a twig in winter, the Swede's bone simply snapped.

Footage of the shocking injury can be seen below: