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Cleverson Gabriel Cordova was chosen as your favourite goalscorer last weekend.

As you know by now every Monday we publish the top 10 goals of the week for your enjoyment. While we're happy to fish out what we believe are the best ten goals from world football for that week, we leave it up to you to decide which of the strikes you believe was the best of the best.

Despite the lack of club football in Europe's major leagues due to the international break, there was no shortage of superlative goals, as the 5100-plus votes will testify.

It was, however, a two-horse race from the onset as Turkey's Hamit Altintop and FK Partizan's Brazilian striker
Cleverson Gabriel Cordova - better known to you and me as Cleo - became the source of fierce debate amongst readers as to who scored the better goal.

Working backwards on your top three picks, it was Federico Macheda who came in third with a commendable 714 votes with his solo-piledriver effort for the Manchester United Reserves against Oldham Reserves.

Altintop did only finish second with his thunderous strike for the Turks against Kazakhstan in the Euro 2012 qualifiers, as his goal tallied 1146 votes. But surprisingly, what was initially a close fight turned out to be a no-contest as Cleo blew away the competition with his acrobatic gem, raking in an astonishing 2876 votes, more than half of the total votes. Click here for the full results of the poll.

No recount necessary... but relive the goals - and the debate - with Cleo's strike here, and Altintop's stunner below:

Here's what some of the fans had to say.

Sure Altintop made a great goal, but i go for Cleo. He tricks the defence with some nice moves and then he scores with a perfect kick ... pure class ! :)

ALTINTOP!!! WHOAAAAAAA!! Cleo scores a great goal but it was luck that it actually went in. Whoaaaaaaa for Hamits goal though... INCREDIBLE. It was Zidane/Robben esque but 10 times nicer.

hamitttttttt altintoppppp his goal was pure magic cleos goal was pure luck

Cleo is the best one. The whole beauty of this wonderful sport could be seen watching this goal.