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The Manchester City midfielder verbally abused a member of the media following Les Bleus' quarter-final defeat to Spain, but has now claimed that no offence was ever meant

France midfielder Samir Nasri “regrets” his decision to swear at a journalist, according to his father.

The Manchester City player became involved in a heated exchange following Les Bleus’ quarter-final loss to Spain, calling one particular journalist a “son of a b**ch”, before adding: "There, now you'll be able to say I've been badly brought up."

But Nasri’s father, Abdelhamid, has insisted that his son regrets the outburst, claiming he never meant to insult any sections of his fanbase.

"He has been affected. After Euro 2012 he returned to our home [and we] discussed everything. He is nervous because of this story,” he told TF1.

“He regrets [the incident] as it shocked children and some supporters.

“He is not a kind of guy who says things like this. He is a very nice boy.”

Nasri, himself, took to Twitter in the aftermath to apologise to his fans and the French public, but hinted that "false truths are circulating" before revealing that he will explain himself "when the moment is right".

"Too many false truths are circulating at the moment," he wrote.

"I want the supporters, particularly children, to know I sincerely regret that my words could have shocked them.

"I love the French football team, football and I have a profound respect for the public.

"For the rest, it was a personal issue between me and a few journalists. I will explain myself when the moment is right."

It has been suggested in some quarters that Nasri could face a two-year international  ban for the flare-up. However Uefa president Michel Platini has dismissed the rumoured punishment as “ludicrous”.

"If I got suspended every time I insulted a journalist I wouldn't have many caps,” he told reporters.

"What he deserves? I have heard talk of a two-year suspension but that's absolutely ludicrous."