Uefa in hot water with German television station over inaccurate broadcast of 'crying woman'

The organisation has been lambasted by the TV channel after pictures were misleadingly relayed during two games involving the Nationalelf at Euro 2012
German TV station ARD is seeking a meeting with Uefa after the governing body inserted pre-recorded images into the live broadcast of two Mannschaft matches.

The tournament director has been criticised for misleading viewers by splicing together out-of-context scenes with live match events to add extra atmosphere to proceedings.

ARD's Euro 2012 coverage head Jorg Schoneborn has criticised the inaccurate broadcasts.

"We are surprised and irritated. These images are not acceptable for us - especially since we had been talking with Uefa on this issue a few days ago. We are now looking again. The German public expect live [images] when it says it is live," he told Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

During a warm-up before the Germany versus Netherlands Group B encounter, Bundestrainer Joachim Low was seen to jokingly punch the ball out of the hands of a ball-boy, before putting a friendly hand on the shoulder of the young volunteer.

Later, the images were inserted during the live broadcast of the first half, causing controversy in Germany, with ARD requesting that the governing body do not repeat the move.

However, during the Nationalelf's semi-final against Italy on Thursday, a German fan was seen to be in tears just seconds after Mario Balotelli put the Azzurri two goals up.

And Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported that this had also been recorded before the game, with the fan in question actually shedding a tear of happiness prior to kick-off.