Pique: There are no problems between Sergio Ramos and me

The Barcelona centre-back has made it clear that he does not have any issues with his fellow defender and feels they form a good defensive partnership
Spain defender Gerard Pique has laughed off rumours that he is not on speaking terms with Real Madrid stopper Sergio Ramos.

Several reports ahead of Euro 2012 suggested that the relationship between the duo had turned sour following the heated encounters between Barcelona and Madrid since Jose Mourinho arrived in the Spanish capital, but Pique believes they would not be able to form a solid defensive partnership if they had problems.

"It's true that we miss [the injured Carles] Puyol, but Sergio [Ramos] is a player with a great deal of quality. With every game we are improving as a partnership," Pique stated to reporters.

"There has been a lot of talk about problems that don't exist.

"We have a great relationship on the pitch. If we did not get on with each other, we would not be able to operate in the way we're doing."

Pique and Sergio Ramos are next in action on Wednesday when La Roja take on Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo in the first Euro 2012 semi-final.