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Muller: Only a win will suffice for Germany against Greece

The Bayern Munich man has spoken of his team's desire to come out with nothing less than a victory in their quarter-final despite their opponents' strong defence

Germany midfielder Thomas Muller has refused to entertain the possibility of his side being knocked out of Euro 2012 by Greece.

The teams meet at the quarter-final stage of the tournament on Friday, having taken vastly different routes to the knockout stages.

The Germans dominated Group B, winning all three games against the Netherlands, Denmark and Portugal, whereas Greece scraped through Group A, winning just once.

And Muller understands that Fernando Santos' side will test his team's patience, by defending in numbers against their more illustrious opponents.

"Greece will defend, we have the reputation of being one of the favourites, so teams tend to play a defensive style against us. We know what we have to do, we will have to be patient, but we will also have to work for our success," he told reporters.

"We've got more than 11 players, it's ok to bring in all the players, the mood in the team is great anyway. Against Denmark we weren't content after we conceded, we knew it could still go wrong, but the first two matches were good in my opinion.

"If it [a loss] happens, we must deal with that, but we don't think about losing, we want to win. I hope we are good enough to beat Greece, but I am no fortune teller.”

Muller also spoke of the progression both he and the Germany team have made since the 2010 World Cup, in which their young squad impressed but lost out to eventual champions Spain.

"I grew older at the World Cup. I might have scored the chance against Denmark, but you cannot compare that," he said.

"We've had tough matches so far, Denmark is a strong team, too. The level is very high, higher than at a World Cup, but there we didn't play at our best in the group stage as well.

"Everybody in the media is looking for mistakes, although we have nine points, but in front of the goal I sure can do better, however, the media could report a bit more positively, at home all the fans seem to be thrilled by our game, but the media is very critical – even if we'd win the title, they would be disappointed"

And the 22-year-old dismissed suggestions that he should be concerned over having failed to score in the competion thus far.

"As long as I know I've done well it's ok and not that important, but since the world cup the expectations grew a lot, everyone wants to see me scoring, but I want to help the team," he continued.

"I’m more of an assist-giver, I like scoring goals, but helping the team is more important to me."