Khedira not looking ahead to possible semi-final clash against England

The Real Madrid midfielder has declared that his side are focused solely on the quarter-final against Greece and not their potential opponents in the next round

Germany midfielder Sami Khedira has outlined the focus of his squad for the upcoming quarter-final against Greece ignoring the possibility of facing England in the last four.

Much has been made of the potential meeting of old rivals England and Germany but the Real Madrid midfielder has claimed that his team-mates are only concerned with the game against Euro 2004 champions Greece.

“We had an impression against Denmark of what will come when we play Greece. We have picked up intense training again, and we know what we'll be up against,” Khedira told reporters.

“We are focused on Greece, they have a great team, we won't underestimate them, but we are not thinking about the semi-final or even the final right now. Italy or England are strong as well, but we are not thinking about them now.

“They [Greece] are fast in counter situations – we'll have to keep the pace high, then we will get our chances."

Khedira also spoke about the relationship that he has struck up with Bastian Schweinsteiger on the field, claiming the two have worked hard to bring structure to Germany's midfield.

“It [the partnership] has improved, we know each other even better now and don't have to talk much, our interaction is even better, which is good for our performance as a team," he explained.

“We have to keep moving with pace, which we already do well, but against a defensive-minded team we will get our chances, we just have to keep trying.

"I feel very much at home with the team, I take more responsibility, that's normal, I like the position I play, everything else others have to comment on.

"We [Germany] are calmer now and clever, every match has been won, and we deserved it, we are even more conscious now, we know our goal."