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Uefa has announced on its official website that they will investigate the behaviour of the nation's fans during Wednesday's Group B match against Netherlands

Uefa has revealed that the German football association (DFB) face disciplinary action following the behaviour of their supporters during the 2-1 Group B win over Netherlands.

The DFB has been charged after German fans set off fireworks and threw missiles in the victory on Wednesday.

"Uefa today confirms that it has opened disciplinary proceedings against the German football association following last night's Euro 2012 Group B match between Germany and the Netherlands in Kharkiv," a statement on the governing body's website reads.

"The DFB is charged with the setting-off of fireworks and the throwing of missiles by supporters. The Uefa Control and Disciplinary Body will deal with the case on Monday June 18."

Uefa's statement comes only hours after it had been confirmed that the DFB was fined €10,000 for fan-related incidents during their Group B opener against Portugal.