National football chief vows to help Russian fans stay safe amid violent clashes in Poland

The official has vowed to aid supporters from the country following scenes of unrest in Warsaw on Tuesday, but concedes they 'cannot control everything'

Sergei Fursenko, president of the Russian Football Union, says he has been in contact with the relevant embassy and is doing all he can to protect the Russia fans in Poland and Ukraine.

Fursenko was speaking before Uefa hit his association with a fine of €120,000 and a suspended deduction of six points for the Euro 2016 qualifiers following violent incidents before, during and after the game against Czech Republic last Friday.

And yet more punishment could be coming their way after Russia supporters clashed with their Polish counterparts before the Group A fixture in Warsaw on Tuesday.

Despite conceding they cannot oversee every activity that goes on at the European Championship, Fursenko had vowed to ensure the safety of the nation's fans as far as possible.

"Sadly we can't control everything," he told reporters. "We met with representatives of the fans a number of times. As far as I know they behaved themselves perfectly during the march. Ultras are ultras. And Polish ultras are known for their lawless character. Those sort of conflicts happen."

When asked if many Russians were arrested following the clashes, Fursenko replied: "As far as I know, not that many. There were more Poles arrested and the Polish fans have more problems.

"From what I'm told, our fans didn't suffer too much. It's all more or less ok. If anyone has any trouble, of course we will support, help and defend them. I've spoken to the Russian embassy and we are working on this task. Not one supporter will be left without help.

"I have already told fans that when things like this happen, it has a negative effect on the team. Most of our fans are good and we fully support them."