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Uefa state 724 tickets can still be purchased for the opening Group D encounter in Donetsk on Monday evening, when the Three Lions and les Bleus lock horns

Uefa has announced there are still 724 tickets on sale for the Euro 2012 Group D match between England and France on Monday.

The match kicks off at 18:00 CET on Monday with there still being a fair number of tickets still available, while hotel rooms and accommodation will be considerably harder to come by with some hotels charging inflated prices.

Uefa admitted on June 5 that they were struggling to sell all the tickets for the tournament, with there still being as many as 10,000 available for purchase on that date, according to spokesperson Thomas Giordano.

However, the governing body confirmed on Sunday that the total number of unsold tickets represents 'less than 0.8 percent of the overall capacity' for the competition.

Accommodation and travel prices have been blamed as the main problems for England fans, while there are still tickets available for the final which will take place in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev on July 1.

There remain opportunities to buy tickets for the Championship through Uefa’s website and outlets in Ukraine, although all matches to be played in Poland have now been sold out.