Uefa set to decide length of Wayne Rooney’s Euro 2012 ban on Thursday

The governing body’s disciplinary panel will meet later this week in Nyon to decide whether or not to extend the Manchester United striker’s mandatory one-match suspension
Uefa have confirmed that their Control and Disciplinary Body will meet on Thursday to decide the length of Wayne Rooney’s Euro 2012 suspension.

Rooney already faces a mandatory one-match ban at the tournament following his dismissal for kicking out at Montenegro's Miodrag Dzudovic last Friday, but the disciplinary panel have it within their power to increase the length of the punishment if the offence is deemed serious enough.

The Football Association reportedly do not feel Rooney’s actions merit any further punishment and are prepared to argue their case before Uefa if any extension is imposed.

A spokesman for Uefa told reporters: "There are lots of possible sanctions going from a warning, to a big fine and three-game ban.

"The disciplinary body then, based on the referee's report, makes a decision.

"This happens pretty often but depends on the situation and also on the past of the player - if it is a first red card or not."

Rooney’s past disciplinary problems, most notably his dismissal against Portugal in the 2006 World Cup quarter-final for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho, may come back to haunt him as the disciplinary panel ponder their decision.

However, one person who may yet help Rooney’s cause is Wolfgang Stark, the referee responsible for the decision, who after the match praised the Manchester United striker’s lack of protest or dissent at the decision and duly noted as much in his official report.