Dutch FA Owe Nothing To Bayern Munich For Arjen Robben Injury - Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter has weighed in on the legal dispute between Bayern Munich and the Dutch FA.
FIFA president Sepp Blatter has made clear his position on the ongoing drama between Bayern Munich and the Dutch FA (KNVB) over Arjen Robben's thigh injury.

"All national associations have insured their national teams. Federations and clubs have not done so," Blatter told Sport-Bild. "Now Bayern make a claim, but it is too late. If FIFA had insured the players themselves instead of giving $40 million to the associations and clubs, then we would have made less money. But one cannot want the cream, the cow and the woman too."

Robben injured his left hamstring shortly prior to the World Cup. He missed most of the group stage, but made a miraculous comeback and played throughout the knockout rounds, including 120 minutes in the Netherlands' loss to Spain in the final. Upon returning to Bayern in August, it was revealed that Robben's thigh had a five-centimetre tear in the muscle fibres.

Bayern have repeatedly threatened to sue the KNVB for wages paid to Robben throughout his injured spell, but, according to Blatter, FIFA already gave Bayern enough money to insure their international stars prior to the World Cup.

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