FIFA Under 20 World Cup Knockout Fixtures Announced

Let's see how the Round of 16 and beyond shape up...
After 36 matches of varying quality and entertainment levels, the group stages of the FIFA Under 20 World Cup have come to an end, meaning that the Last 16 is now ready to take place. But who will take part?

Egypt and Paraguay qualified automatically from Group B; Spain, the only team with a 100% record, were joined by Venezuela from Group B; Group C provided Germany and South Korea; Group D brought Ghana and Uruguay to the next stage; Group E x; and Group F sent Hungary and the UAE forward.

That left four spots for the best four third-placed teams. These were Italy (Group A), South Africa (Group F), Nigeria (Group B), and Costa Rica (Group E). Uzbekistan (Group D) and the USA (Group C) were the two unlucky third-placed teams not to make it, while basement boys in each of the six groups - namely Trinidad & Tobago, Tahiti, Cameroon, England, Australia, and Honduras, went home automatically.

The draw for all following stages has already been made, and is as follows. Stay with for coverage of each match, and be sure to see our knockout chart here.

All times are local to Egypt.


October 5

A 16:30  Spain U-20 Italy U-20
B 20:00  Paraguay U-20 South Korea U-20

October 6
C 16:30  Ghana U-20 South Africa U-20
D 20:00  Egypt U-20 Costa Rica U-20
E 20:00  Hungary U-20 Czech Republic U-20

October 7
F 16:30 Brazil U-20 Uruguay U-20
G 16:30  Venezuela U-20 UAE U-20
H 20:00  Germany U-20 Nigeria U-20


October 9
I 16:30 B - C
J 20:00 A - E

October 10
K 16:30 F - H
L 20:00 G - D


October 13
M 16:30 I - J
N 20:00 K - L


October 16
17:00 Loser M - Loser N


October 16
20:00 Winner M - Winner N

Steve Michaels,