Di Vaio at risk of three to six month ban for failing to report illicit sporting practices

Montreal Impact Designated Player Marco Di Vaio was charged in Italy on Thursday with concealing knowledge of sporting fraud regarding one of his former Bologna teammates.

Montreal Impact Marco Di Vaio could face a ban in relation to match fixing.

Betting scandals are rocking the Italian peninsula once again this summer, and several matches from the last few seasons are under suspicion of tampering. One of these games was on May 22, 2011, when Bologna lost to Bari at home by a score of 4-0. Many current and former Bologna players were called to an FIGC court last June to answer questions concerning the suspicions of illicit activity throughout the game.

According to FIGC prosecutor Stefano Palazzi’s report released on the FIGC website on Thursday, current Bologna captain Daniele Portanova is accused of sporting fraud. Impact Designated Player, Marco Di Vaio and Bologna team manager, Marcello Sanfelice are both being accused of failing to report attempted sporting fraud, all in correlation with the Bologna-Bari match.

If found guilty, Portanova could receive a ban of three years. Di Vaio and Sanfelice could receive a ban of three to six months, though different sources told Goal.com that it could even be longer than that. Though this ban would only apply to Serie A, it would likely be enforced throughout FIFA, including MLS.

In a public statement on Thursday, Di Vaio’s lawyers confirmed that they had received a notice of the charge, but explained that they weren’t at all concerned by the allegations and that Di Vaio was free of any wrong doing.  

According to Friday morning’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, further hearings will take place in Bari and Cremona from Aug. 2 to Aug. 4 and the final verdict is expected on Aug. 8 or 9.