Ronaldo asks Brazil fans to respect Zidane

The two football legends will go head to head in the annual Match Against Poverty and the former Selecao striker hopes the France great is treated well by supporters
Former Brazil international Ronaldo has asked supporters to show Zinedine Zidane the respect he deserves, when he features in an annual charity match in his homeland.

This year's Match Against Poverty will take place on December 19 in Brazil, with Ronaldo and former Blancos team-mate Zinedine Zidane two of the star attractions.

"It's too beautiful of a cause for him [Zidane] to be mistreated," he explained.

"The Brazilian people are good hosts, and he was a great player, everyone knows that. Aside from being the 'torturer' he once was, we all know how to admire his football."

But, although the game will be played to raise funds for charity, Ronaldo insists there will still be a competitive edge to proceedings.

"There's a big rivalry. Me and Zidane go for every ball as if it were the last. You'll see that I'm telling the truth," he added.

"It won't be a festive match, like those that you see at the end of every year. We tell the players to act serious, play well and play fair."