Spain Star Fernando Torres: Confederations Cup Will Get More Difficult

The striker knows that despite their good start, tougher times lie ahead for Spain...

Fernando Torres has admitted that even though Spain started the Confederations Cup in style yesterday it will get "more difficult" and "more competitive" as they progress.

The European champions cruised past New Zealand in their opening game and now face Iraq in their second match in Group A.

Speaking about the situation today, Torres explained that even though they are playing well, they have to remain humble.

"Before the European Championships, since the World Cup in Germany, Spain played this way. It was hard to win, but later we began to do so more easily. We win, entertain people and we must enjoy this situation and this generation for years to come. We are at a time when we can make history and, if we can enjoy it, then all the better," AS quote him as saying.

"If there is one thing that we know about this team it is that we go game by game, with humility. For the time being, we are only thinking about Iraq and South Africa."

With respect to the game yesterday, Torres admitted that they have to keep up the good work they showed against the All Whites.

"We had the chance to finish it quickly and we managed to do so. Now we must continue this way, this is the way that we have done well," he said.

Finally, the Liverpool striker spoke about goings on back home in Spain, and specifically at Real Madrid.

"In this national team there are some of the best players in the world and sometimes we do not appreciate them. I would struggle to find a player in this team that I would not pay a lot of money for. Foreigners are more expensive, that is the way it works," he concluded.

James Walker-Roberts,