Confederations Cup: The Sale Of Vuvuzelas At The Stadium Quietly Banned? has noticed an interesting change at the Confederations Cup stadia concerning the much debated fan favourite - Vuvuzelas…
Since the debate concerning whether or not Vuvuzelas should be banned began, an interesting development has occured inside the stadium.

For the opening match of the Confederations Cup between South Africa and Iraq, Vuvuzela’s were available everywhere, with vendors selling team-themed Vuvuzelas at every corner of the match venues and official fan stores even stocking the noisy instruments.

At the recent Italy - Egypt game, however, could not find any places within the stadium where one could attain the trumpets and at today’s South Africa – Spain game, it is a similar story.

After being sent from stall to stall in an attempt to find a Vuvuzela to buy, this reporter finally gave up on his search, settling on the realisation that FIFA may have subtly ‘banned’ the sale of these items in the stadiums, hoping that the noise level would decrease somewhat.

Peter Pedroncelli,