Confederations Cup: Ellis Park Is Electric

The opening game of this year's FIFA Confederations Cup competition is underway at Ellis Park and the atmosphere in the stadium is electric...
The stadium was spine-chillingly loud during today's opening match. South Africa were welcomed to the pitch by the incredible support of the home fans at Johannesburg's Ellis Park stadium, which will also be the venue for the final of the competition.

Every kick from Bafana is applauded as though it were a goal, and every tackle or potential attack is awaited with baited breath. The stadium is near to capacity, with a few fans still filing in late.

A section of Iraqi fans waved flags and sang songs and, despite being drowned out by vuvuzela's and overshadowed by South African flags, they are making their presence felt.

Spots of yellow then spread throughout the stadium, as Bafana shirt wearing fans do a Mexican wave to celebrate the day with their heroes.

It is beautiful to be at the stadium, in a peaceful show of footballing passion, where Iraqi flags fly high alongside those of South Africa.

Peter Pedroncelli,