Italy Also Won The World Cup Because We Are The Same As Spain - Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi feels Italy won the World Cup as he ignores failure...
Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is trying to recast Italy's negative mindset and revive the embers of positive thinking as he jumps on the Spain bandwagon.

The chief believes La Furia Roja's World Cup win is the grist of the mill for Italy, claiming it's as if Italy won the trophy - words that are likely to infuriate Italians who witnessed failure in South Africa.

"Spain won the World Cup, they are a mediterranean side like us. You can say that we won the World Cup as well," he told the press, as reported by La Repubblica.

His claims were quietly met with a gale of derisive laughter at the Euromediterraneo Forum in Milan.

Berlusconi will have done nothing for Azzurri hearts which still continue to bleed after the disappointment of crashing out at the first hurdle.

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