Inter Have World Champion Spain Qualities & Liverpool Passion - Rafael Benitez

Benitez has given a full lowdown on his plans and expectations for Inter...
Inter coach Rafael Benitez has likenened his team to World Cup winners Spain, and compared the club's passion with former side Liverpool, but left transfer questions up to the board of directors.

The Spanish coach feels his side can set the markers and become the conquerers of club football on a world scale as he sets the tone for next season.

"It's a different scene this year, but the mentality is the same, to win from day one. This is a new project, a new coach, a club that wants to do the same as last year and do well," he told the press.

"We have our own ideas and if we can learn more then we will try. We are planning the training, it's hot, but we will decide what to do.

"This club and its fans and mentality is similar to Liverpool. We always fight together and against everyone.

"Everyone wants to beat us and so it will be tough. We have ideas what to do, but it depends on the players we have.

"If we can keep possession then we will, if not we will play in different ways. The most impiortant thing is that we all know what to do.

"Can we learn from Spain and bring their talents to Italy? I coached players at Real's youth academy and then spent time with Vicente Del Bosque for 10 years with great staff around us.

"I know Del Bosque well, Spain's style is posession and quality, if we can do this then we will. We can't copy Spain as they have different players, but we can try.

"In any case Italian football is great too, if we can mix Spanish and Italian styles then the team will do well.

"I have spoken with the club chiefs and we all have a strong and winning mentality.

"The president I have always spoken with and he wants to win always. I like this because I want to do the same.

"This is important as I have spoken to all the players and all they want to do is win and win more, we have to keep this mentality."

Benitez was then drawn in on the transfer market and offered his view on what will happen with Javier Mascherano and Mario Balotelli. He suggested his influence on the market will not outweigh that of Massimo Moratti and Marco Branca.

"Mascherano to Inter? All top level players are those that Inter have had their eyes on for some time. We know Mascherano well, but that responsibility is down to the president and Branca. I want to work with players we have here already, like Balotelli, who is important," he added.

"I want to get to know Balotelli and evaluate him, just like all the players.

"The team has people who have responsibilities. My job is to know players, then we will see what happens.

"Balotelli is a top level player who wants to play and win. This is important. The situation has not changed.

"If ideas change then we will see."

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