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VIDEO: Spain Fans Celebrating Their World Cup Triumph

VIDEO: Spain Fans Celebrating Their World Cup Triumph

Fantastic footage of Espana erupting after la Furia Roja beat the despondent Dutch...

Even if you're not Spanish, you'd have to have a heart of steel to not be moved by the following images.

Emotions were always set to be charged to the maximum following the end of the 2010 World Cup final as the planet was guaranteed a new member of the World Cup Winners Club. The world's media was on hand to capture the reactions of the winners, and sadly the losers, and, as we all know now, it was Spain who were the ones left celebrating.

It may have taken almost two hours of football, but when Andres Iniesta scored the decisive goal, the Spanish fans reacted in a manner befitting the circumstances.

Both the BBC and Spanish TV had the cameras rolling on the fan parks in Madrid, and as the goal hit the back of the net the thousands and thousands of Espana supporters went crazy. The footage can be seen below:

But it wasn't just the fans who lost the plot. Leading Spanish commentator and former Spain coach Jose Antonio Camacho was also filmed as Iniesta scored, and the 55-year-old legend - fists pumped, arms aloft and standing tall - enjoyed the moment to its fullest.

The footage can be seen here.

After the match the parties began in earnest all over Spain, and again the TV cameras were on hand to capture the fans celebrating one of the greatest nights in their history.

Footage below captures Spanish fans dancing and singing in the streets of Madrid:

As is always the case, where there are winners there are also losers. On this occasion it was the Dutch fans who were left in agony at the final whistle, and footage of how the Dutch fans reacted in Amsterdam can be seen here.