World Cup 2010: Manchester United & Mexico Star Javier Hernandez Fastest Player Of The Tournament

Castrol have revealed some interesting stats about the 2010 World Cup...
With the 2010 World Cup nearing its final two matches, Castrol has summed up a number of interesting statistics about the tournament so far.

--- 540 of shots have been struck on target, with over twice as many (1,196) missing the
target altogether.

--- The ball has found the net 139 times while goalkeepers have been busy, making 404

--- 15 penalties have been awarded during matches, resulting in nine goals.

--- Teams have taken a combined 595 corners, with 14 goals coming from the set pieces
Referees have blown the whistle a total of 4,744 times, and shown 241 cards, 15 of
which were red.

--- The fastest player of the tournament so far is Javier Hernández of Mexico, whose
reached a top speed of 32.15 km/h.

--- Uruguay’s Pereira has covered the most distance in the tournament, running a total of
66.5 km.

--- Players have kept their energy up by consuming 41,042,771 calories and 95,169
litres of fluid. All this has enabled them to collectively burn 17,593 kilowatts of energy
15,562,723,732 people worldwide have watched the games, with an additional
3,006,632 coming through the turnstiles across South Africa.

--- Groundsmen have used a total of 304 litres of paint to mark the pitches.

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