World Cup 2010: Castrol Predictor Gives Spain 57 Per Cent Chance Of Beating Netherlands

The Castrol Predictor gives Spain the best chance of lifting the trophy on Sunday...
Paul the Octopus predicted earlier today that Spain will beat Netherlands in Sunday's 2010 World Cup final and Castrol Football's 2010 FIFA World Cup Match Predictor has backed up the soothsayer by giving the Spaniards a 57 per cent chance of lifting the trophy at the weekend.

Going into the tournament, the Castrol Predictor showed that Spain had a 17% chance
whereas Netherlands had just a 9.8% chance of winning, but having knocked out those
teams ranked above them, including Brazil and Germany, Spain and the Netherlands are now contesting the biggest game in world football.

“The Holland team is packed full of talent and their chances of winning were always ranked highly by the Castrol Predictor, but not by the world’s fans and media. Their performances have been solid and Sneijder has been outstanding, but they have been conceding more and more goals in the later rounds which they will be keen to stamp out on Sunday. Spain shouldn’t underestimate
them in the final as after all, this is the team that knocked out Brazil, who had been favourites from the start," commented Marcel Desailly on Netherlands' chances in the final.

"As reigning European Champions, Spain have been one of the favourites to lift the trophy from the start, and they have proven to the world why they were so highly rated coming into the tournament. With their clinical passing game and solid defending which has conceded just two goals on their way to the final, the Dutch team will have to be on top form to beat the Spanish,” added the former French international about Spain.