World Cup 2010: Franz Beckenbauer Lavishes Praise On South Africa’s Hosting

'Der Kaiser' has stated his belief that the Rainbow Nation have done Africa proud...
Germany great Franz Beckenbauer has expressed his happiness with the way South Africa has dealt with the hosting of the 2010 World Cup, praising virtually every aspect of the Rainbow Nation.

No stranger to a controversial statement, Beckenbauer believes the first World Cup to be held on African soil has been a roaring success.

“So far it has been a fantastic World Cup,” he told LOC. “Right now the whole world is watching South Africa and they are doing a great job.

“The stadiums are the best in the whole world, some of them are brand new and setting a new standard for stadiums. All together the atmosphere, the fans, the stadiums, the infrastructure, they couldn't be better.

“Some criticised the vuvuzela because it was a different noise, making a different atmosphere, but it's Africa and it belongs to Africa. I was in some of the stadiums to see the games and I think it is great.

“I think the whole world is talking about South Africa, how beautiful the World Cup has been. Everything has worked and you will see after many years the world will still be talking about the World Cup in South Africa, so that's the legacy.”

There are only two games remaining in the tournament; the third place play-off, which involves Beckenbauer’s Germany against Uruguay, and the showpiece final, in which the Netherlands are pitted against favourites Spain.

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